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WEARMAX® Anti Slip System

Protects against slipping without losing luster


Protection and style in one: Wearmax Anti Slip for flawless mineral surfaces

In architecture and interior design, aesthetic requirements play a central role. Surfaces, especially floors, are not only a functional aspect here, but also a design aspect. With Wearmax Anti Slip, these two requirements – safety and design – merge into a harmonious whole.

Wearmax Anti Slip is ideal for those who want to maintain the aesthetic value of their mineral surfaces, but still ensure a safe environment. Whether in public spaces such as shopping malls and spa areas or in the privacy of bathrooms and patios, damp and wet floors can easily lead to dangerous slip-and-fall accidents.

After application with Wearmax Antislip, standing water is easily removed, e.g. from under shoe soles or during the Barefoot running displaced and dissipated through the surface structure created. This makes the surefootedness
greatly increased and the risk of accidents massively reduced.

Why Wearmax Anti Slip?

  • Special liquid formula: The unique formulation of Wearmax Anti Slip creates microscopic grooves on mineral substrates. This means that water – whether under shoe soles or when walking barefoot – is effectively displaced, improving surefootedness and massively reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Unaltered appearance: Many non-slip solutions can affect the appearance of surfaces. Not so with Wearmax Anti Slip. Despite its high effectiveness, the natural beauty of your tiles, marble or concrete remains unchanged.

With Wearmax Anti Slip, you can move safely without sacrificing the look or feel of your surfaces. It is the perfect combination of safety and aesthetics for all mineral floors and stairs.

The advantages at a glance

Unique liquid formula

Our unique formulation creates microscopic grooves on mineral substrates.

Unchanged optics

Despite high effectiveness, the natural beauty of your tiles, marble or concrete remains unchanged.

Fast reaction time

After spraying, simply leave on for 45 minutes.

Quickly walkable

After the exposure time, you can walk on the floor without waiting.

Triple action: optimal protection, fast application, cost-effectiveness

Application & Fields of application

Wearmax Anti Slip stands for optimum safety on your mineral surfaces. The innovative formula creates microscopic grooves that significantly increase slip resistance on wet and damp areas.

The application is very simple: The product is sprayed on, left to act for a short time and then re-treated – and the floor can be walked on again immediately. Another advantage of this system is its economy.

The long-lasting effect of Wearmax Anti Slip eliminates the need for frequent re-treatments, saving you time and money.

Experience values for durability

      • Commercial: Our treatment lasts in places like shopping malls, swimming pools, sauna & spa facilities
        over 5 years.
      • Private area: In private environments, such as bathrooms, terraces or the pool area, enjoy over
        10 years of protection
        from slip accidents.


Before treatment, thoroughly clean mineral substrates and remove all separating layers

Apply layer

Spray Wearmax Anti Slip (about 100 ml per m²) and let it work for 45 minutes


Neutralize floor with clear water after application & then remove excess liquid


If necessary or as a refresher, the treatment can be performed again without any problems

Important note

The anti-slip effect may be impaired if dirt, grease, lime or other substances adhere to the treated surface.