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WEARMAX® Colour System

The fast and robust solution for a wide range of applications

Our color system is ideally suited

to give your old and heavy used floor coverings a completely new look.

Due to its outstanding technical properties, ​WEARMAX® Colour can be used on almost any surface such as plastic / PVC, linoleum, synthetic rubber flooring and rubber, as well as wooden and parquet floors.

The unique technology of WEARMAX® High-Performance Ceramic Coating anchors 120 million ceramic particles per square meter floating on the surface in a flexible paint system. A wafer-thin ceramic layer that cannot be seen with the naked eye is applied during processing. It protects the floor highly effectively against signs of wear, abrasion, and dirt and improves surefootedness.

Your advantages:

· Largely resistant to disinfectants (ask for our positive list of disinfectants)
· Significant extension of the service life of existing, heavily worn floors
· Long-term protection against wear and tear and signs of use
· Increased scratch resistance in the end surface
· Positive effects on the slip resistance class
· Little re-soiling
· Economical and environmentally friendly

Three or four layers in one. Quick to apply and economical

Colour System

“Our Color System (3 or 4 in 1 product): ideal for renovating heavily worn floors. If the original appearance is already badly damaged, but basically still worthy of renovation.”

The Colour System consists of three layers: the primer (optional), the color layer, the ceramic layer and the top layer.

Here we show you the main steps of the processing process. Watch the video on our Youtube channel to follow in detail the whole process of application on an old PVC floor.

Universal Primer - Colour

The first (optional) layer

The system is generally applied in 3 work steps (if necessary – recommended for open-pored, highly absorbent floors – the floor covering should also be pretreated with WEARMAX® Universal Primer).

The paint layer

Machine mixed with hardener and water, WEARMAX® Colour is applied three to six hours * after applying the primer with a roller. Choose from a large selection of RAL colors!

* … it is better to wait overnight with wooden floors!

Colour + Roller
Ceramic + Härter + T-Bar

The ceramic layer

Machine mixed with hardener and water, WEARMAX® Ceramic is applied twelve hours (or overnight) after WEARMAX® Colour has been applied using a roller (hydro-flow roller) and T-bar (sponge roller). Only pour as much ceramic liquid onto the floor as you can process in the shortest possible time. Apply WEARMAX® Ceramic in one step. Then let the treated area dry for at least 3 hours.

The top coat

Machine mixed with hardener, WEARMAX® Top Coat is applied with a roller three hours after WEARMAX® Ceramic has been applied. The floor is therefore restricted after eight hours and completely usable after 72 hours. The final chemical hardness is reached after eight to ten days.

Top Coat + Härter + Roller
Colour Chips - Maschine


Let´s do this!

In our video, you can see all the processing steps of WEARMAX® Colour System. The processing stages depend on the condition of the original subsurface, so they vary from project to project.

Floor Visualiser

Create Your Floor

We support your design requirements! The floor configurator “Create your Floor” is the perfect tool for architects, planners, floor professionals, or building contractors. This digital visualization tool shows you what different floors look like in your room!


Colour Chips - Maschine




Krankenhaus - Raumbild Vorher Colour Krankenhaus - Raumbild Nachher Colour
Krankenhaus - Raumbild Vorher Colour Krankenhaus - Raumbild Nachher Colour


with our cost calculator

Based on our best practice projects, we have developed a simple cost calculator. With the calculator, you can get an overview of all possible costs for your own project. Since each construction site has different requirements, this calculator is only used for orientation. We cannot guarantee that your actual costs will always be the approximate result.


Cost calculator

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