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WEARMAX® Concrete System

Specially developed for mineral substrates

The versatile solution for stone and concrete surfaces

Extends the life of existing floor coverings

WEARMAX® Concrete High Performance Ceramic Coating is excellent for permanently sealing numerous mineral substrates such as concrete or design filler surfaces. The sealed surfaces are dirt-, oil- and water-repellent, absolutely weather-resistant, UV-resistant, non-yellowing and efflorescence on the surface is prevented.

Our innovative system also increases frost and de-icing salt resistance, has a high penetration depth and good alkali resistance. The growth of microorganisms, algae and moss is reduced. The outstanding stain resistance as well as the good abrasion resistance round off this product.

It is maintenance free as there is no need for recoating. Surfaces are generated that are highly abrasion resistant and largely resistant to stains and chemicals.

In areas with very intensive use, our floor sealant is the solution to many usage problems and an optimal long-term protection against signs of use.

WEARMAX® Concrete Catalog