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Everything you need for soil remediation

WEARMAX® Ceramic Coating Accessories

Tools for manual and machine application

Apply layers, prime or sand?

Here you will find the adequate processing aid for every task!

To assist you in the processing of WEARMAC Ceramic Coating products, we have put together a range of accessories for both manual and machine processing that fully meets the requirements of the product range.

T-Bar holder 18"

Item no.: 000082

T-bar sponge

Item no.: 001130

Roll holder large

for 30 – 61 cm width (new)
Item no.: 001131

Roller/roller large

61 cm width (new)
Item no.: 001132

Roller/roller small

25 cm width (new)
Item no.: 001134

Aluminum rod Sherlock

(for T-bar holder)
Item no.: 001136

Aluminum rod green

(for T-bar holder)
Item no.: 001137

Stirring rod

(made of plastic)
Item no.: 000050

Masking tape

“Tesa Golden Sun”, 25 mm
Item no.: 000020

Flat brush Classic

80mm, 12 thickness
Item no.: 000055

3M Hi-Pro Pad

black 406

3M Hi-Pro Pad

brown 406
Item no.: WMSPPAD

Grid cloth grinding grid 16"

406 Grain 120
Item no.: 000025

Grid cloth grinding grid 16"

406 Grain 180
Item no.: 000040